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Are the consultations covered by my insurance company

We are working with many insurance companies to become in-network providers but we don't take insurance yet for consultations.

In the meantime, this means that we are out of network for your plan and you can potentially still get reimbursements.

Our partner getbetter.com will help you submit your visit and your kit purchase for out of network coverage for our lab tests and physician consultations.


Are the test kits covered by my insurance company

In many cases, our Comprehensive Thyroid Test will be eligible for some amount of coverage by insurance providers.

Moreover, Paloma Health's tests are typically priced lower than out-of-pocket costs associated with such visits.

As always, this will depend on your own coverage but we encourage you to check with your insurance company to see whether they will cover all or some of the cost of our at-home thyroid test.

When discussing coverage, it is important that your carrier understands specifically what the test is and what it is testing for. Be sure to mention the following key points:
- The test is taken at home via a blood sample and analyzed by our partner laboratories
- The test measures: TSH, Free T3, Free T4, Anti-TPO Antibodies
- The report measures the above markers and reports on whether they are high, low, or within the normal healthy range.


Is the medication covered by my insurance company?

Your prescription will be send to your preferred pharmacy where you should only pay your copay. The cost of your copay depends on your plan.


Can I use my HSA/FSA account to pay for a test?

Generally speaking, yes, you can use your HSA/FSA account to pay for an at-home health test.

Your Paloma Health test is authorized by a physician, so it should fit the guidelines for most HSA/FSA coverage. If you have a particularly rigorous plan, it is best to check with your own plan if you’d like to verify before purchase.


Do most health insurance companies cover these tests?

Unfortunately, no. We are not contracted with any insurance companies at this time. This is an at-home health test that doesn't require an office visit. However, Paloma Health's tests are typically priced lower than out-of-pocket costs associated with such visits.


What are typical lab costs and how transparent is lab pricing normally?

For traditional tests, there are usually fees associated with an office visit (physician costs), as well as the lab.

Pricing is typically very complicated and not transparent for the consumer. The pricing will vary (sometimes dramatically) by laboratory, institution, test type and markers checked, your personal insurance coverage, and more.

Clear communication of pricing like Paloma Health’s is quite rare within testing and we can’t speak to what your own tests within a lab environment may end up costing out of pocket.


Are there online tools or apps that I can use to check for my coverage for any one test?

Not that we’re aware of but we’d love to learn about one if you find it! Most tools for checking insurance coverage are insurance-operated and apply specifically to physician-ordered tests.

As mentioned above, the absolute best way to check on your own coverage is to call or email your insurance company directly to discuss your personal options.

Companies like getbetter.com can help you to file your claim manually for you.


How do I contact Paloma?

For any compliments, complaints, or questions, contact our exceptional customer service team at contact@palomahealth.co


Is Paloma Right For Me?

Hypothyroidism is a long-term commitment and we’re committed to you. Schedule a free, no-obligation phone consultation with one of our intake specialists to find out more.

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