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Join us for an online seven-week group health coaching program. Paloma surrounds you with the support and motivation you need to take control of your thyroid health.

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What the program is about

7 weeks to a lasting, healthy thyroid

Thyroid health can be a puzzle, it doesn't have to be


Weekly interactive sessions

You and your group will meet virtually to work through the Paloma Health curriculum, covering topics like eating, fitness, sleep, and stress management.

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A supporting community

You’re not in this alone. You’ll gain the support of a small group of peers facing similar thyroid challenges for encouragement at every step.

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Professional health coach

You’ll be paired with a highly trained and compassionate health coach to keep you on track—on your best days and your worst.

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Meet your new health coach

Your Paloma Health Coach, Neeyaz, is your on-demand nutritionist, accountability partner, and cheerleader all in one!

Neeyaz's Story: My personal health journey began when I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease, hyperthyroidism and Thyroid Eye Disease. Looking at food and nutrition as the root basis of my healing, has broadened my passion in exploring holistic healing practices and finding ways to marry Western and Eastern medicine. The connectedness between the two is where transformation can begin to take place.

And Today:My experience with autoimmunity has been my biggest teacher and is what inspired me to share my continuous health journey and support others in theirs. As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I am able to share my passions and give my clients the support, guidance and tools they need in order to live a fulfilled and balance life.

I believe in nurturing and nourishing our bodies with positive affirmations and thoughts, nutrient dense foods and advantageous routines in order to build a balanced life and obtain optimal health. Whatever will bring you peace, health and happiness, my commitment is supporting your transformation to a fulfilled and balance lifestyle.

we treat the whole you

Wellness Is a Puzzle, let's put the pieces together

Paloma's health programs are grounded in the latest science and take a “root cause” approach to driving change that lasts.


Diet for a healthy thyroid

hypothyroidism telemedicine

Lifestyle coaching

hypothyroidism symptoms

Stress management


Sleep Health

hypothyroidism telemedicine

Weight Management

hypothyroidism symptoms

thyroid Medication education

Are you interested in being a founding member of Paloma’s Group Health Coaching? This exclusive pilot will help define the program for countless future hypothyroid patients. Our pilot is offered to Paloma's patients only for $25 for the entire program ($600 value) 

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Create a healthier lifestyle, whilst having support from others hypothyroid patients who share your same health goals

Lose Weight

Increase my energy

Treat an autoimmune condition

Educate myself

I want to

Lose Weight 💪

Don't focus on symptoms, focus on your health goals

a Personalized plan

On-demand support & motivation throughout the program

Hey - reviewed your last Paloma thyroid test. Saw your TPO is going down. Great work! Keep up the gluten substitution like we talked about in our session last week.

Thanks, Neeyaz! I love the recipe for the lettuce wraps :)

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Apply to our pilot today and gain early access to the full program at an exclusive rate of $25 ($600 value)

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