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Take better control of your hypothyroidism over time with unlimited care from the best thyroid doctors.

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Redefining thyroid care

Your dedicated thyroid doctor,
with you at every step

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Unlimited virtual consultations with your thyroid doctor

Our thyroid doctors only treat patients who suffer from hypothyroidism
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On-demand resources

Learn the basics from a structured online curriculum, and access a library of recipes, guides, and meal plans
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Enjoy a discount on your at-home thyroid test kit and doctor consultations.
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The Paloma community

Connect with other Paloma patients to find support and share tips in a positive, moderated environment
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Easy medication renewals and prescriptions
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Symptom Tracker

Track your hypothyroid symptoms and address the potential root cause
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The Paloma Membership

unlimited thyroid care

Comprehensive care to feel better and stay that way

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Easy medication management

Live Doctor Q&A

The Paloma private community

Online courses on thyroid health

Unlimited chat with your doctor

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Your symptoms matter as much as your labs

We reimagined care for hypothyroidism with a smart and holistic approach. Discover how a good thyroid doctor can change your life.

Weight Management

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Energy Levels

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Real results that change our patients’ lives

We combine nutrition, lifestyle, cutting-edge technology, and diagnostic testing to deliver real life-changing results.

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94% improved

Dry skin

92% improved

Weight gain

75% improved

Hair loss

64% improved

Redefining thyroid care

The only thyroid medical practice with a whole-body approach, combining nutrition, lifestyle, and cutting-edge medical testing.

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Meet Our Team Of Thyroid Specialists

Naga Tirumalasetti

Annemieke Austin

Doctor • California, Texas


Dr. Austin’s desire is to include all aspects of the patients’ story in addressing the cause of illness, utilizing a comprehensive approach to reach a diagnosis and improve health. She employs a blend of the best of conventional medicine with evidence based alternative therapies.

Saadia Alvi

Saadia Alvi

Doctor • Illinois


Dr. Saadia Alvi is board certified Endocrinology Specialist and a member of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinology. As a plant-based endocrinologist, your long-term health will be focused by emphasizing prevention, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Marjorie Bates

Marjorie Bates



Marjorie has over 10 years of experience as a nutritionist, health coach, and wellness professional in a variety of clinical, corporate, and fitness settings. Marjorie's approach is both clinical and holistic, emphasizing the importance of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Omayra Quijano

Doctor • Texas


Dr. Quijano-Vega has over 16 years of experience treating patients with thyroid disease and other endocrine conditions. She received her training in both internal medicine and endocrinology.

Nicole German

Nicole German



Nicole is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist specializing in weight management, food sensitivities, thyroid conditions, and autoimmune conditions.

A few years ago, she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. This propelled her to learn more about the thyroid and how she could naturally improve her health.

Nisha Jayani

Nisha Jayani

Doctor • California


Dr. Nisha Jayani is board-certified in Diabetes, Metabolism, and Endocrinology. She graduated from the Medical University of Lublin and completed her Internal Medicine residency at Westchester Medical Center at New York Medical College.

Andrew Cunningham

Andrew Cunningham

Doctor • California, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois


Dr. Cunningham is board certified in both Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine. He received his BS from the University of Virginia before returning to his hometown to receive an MD from the University of Louisville. His residency training was at UCSF Santa Rosa.

yasmin Akhunji

Yasmin Akhunji

Doctor • Arizona


After completing her Internal Medicine Residency at the University of Arizona, Dr. Akhunji developed a particular interest in discussing weight management & dietary education to help prevent & treat lifestyle-related health issues. So many health issues came back to the thyroid,

See what our patients have to say

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Thank you for listening to me
November 20, 2020
Dr. Sapna Shah
thyroid blood test kit TPO
At-Home Thyroid Test
I could tell that she has hypothyroidism
November 17, 2020
Dr. Sapna Shah
thyroid blood test kit TPO
At-Home Thyroid Test
So knowledgeable about fertility and hypothyroidism
November 9, 2020
Dr. Sapna Shah
thyroid blood test kit TPO
At-Home Thyroid Test
Very thorough doctor. I really liked her
November 8, 2020
Dr. Sapna Shah
thyroid blood test kit TPO
At-Home Thyroid Test
I always feel like Dr B heard me abd genuineky cares about my well being. I feel like I matter. I really wish she could be my primary care!!
October 28, 2020
Dr Ann-Marie Busick
thyroid blood test kit TPO
At-Home Thyroid Test

Learn more about our Membership

What if I change my mind about my membership?

If you change your mind within 24 hours of signing up, we are happy to issue a full refund. Although we’d love to see you and let our care do the talking!

If you cancel after 48 hours but before your first doctor’s visit, you will receive a full refund less a $79 service fee.

After 48 hours, we offer a six month trial during which time you may cancel and receive a full refund minus fees associated with any services used according to the following schedule:
- $99 - 30 min doctor visit
- $75 - health coach visit
- $79 - At home kits

After 6 months, you may cancel at any time with no cancellation fee.
If you'd like to cancel your membership, please email with the subject line “Membership Cancellation Request”. We’re sorry to see you go but wish you the best in your health journey!


Where are Paloma Health Memberships available?

Paloma Health is an online medical practice with no physical locations
All interactions with Paloma Health can be done from the comfort of your home, including telemedicine visits with your thyroid doctor and nutritionist, at-home testing of your thyroid levels, and in some cases delivery of your prescription medication.

Paloma Health Memberships are available in AZ, CA, CO, FL, IL, MI, OH, PA, TX and VA.

We are quickly expanding our membership to more states across the US. Please email to be put on a waitlist.


Can I use my HSA or FSA or insurance to pay for Paloma Health?

Absolutely. Many members use their FSA/HSA to pay for membership fees, specialty tests, and supplements. We are happy to provide any additional documentation you need.


Can I use insurance for the cost of my Paloma Health membership? If so, how?

Yes, you can. We are not in-network with insurance plans at this time, but you can use out-of-network benefits to pay for your membership. Our members with out-of-network coverage are typically reimbursed for 40-70% of the membership cost.

You can call the member services phone number on the back of your insurance card to learn about your potential out-of-network coverage.After each doctor visit, our team will prepare a medical invoice, or “superbill,” that details the information your insurance company needs to process your claim, including CPT codes for services performed and ICD-10 codes for diagnoses. Then, you submit the superbill according to your insurance company’s claim process.


What does unlimited messaging include?

Members can directly message their doctor through a private member portal. If a question or request is deemed too complicated to be addressed through messaging, your provider may require that you schedule a visit. Note that we typically respond within 24-48 business hours during the week and 48 hours on weekends and holidays. We also cannot discuss lab results over messaging.


Who will my provider be? (can I select my doctor/health coach)

You’ll be able to select your doctor from a list! Our doctor quiz can also help you find the right doctor for you. We understand how important it can be to find a partner in your health. You can learn more about our providers here. We’re also always happy to help recommend a provider based on what you’re looking to address.


Is testing included in my membership fee? What costs can I expect to see?

Your first at home thyroid test kit is included in your subscription. Your doctor will work with you to customize testing orders based on your health needs and personal preferences after your first onlin econsultationCosts for blood work and specialty tests are not included in the membership price. Blood work is usually covered by insurance. Specialty tests range in cost from $100 - $350. These tests, however, are completely optional.


Is bloodwork and lab testing covered by my insurance, too?

Our members typically find they are able to receive partial or full coverage for lab testing outside of our kits. Coverage may require a copay and will depend on your individual insurance plan, diagnoses, and whether the lab conducting the testing is in-network with your insurance. If you’d like to understand coverage before testing, we will provide you with a lab requisition form containing the information your insurance company needs, and our Care Managers will coordinate testing at a lab that works best with your insurance coverage.


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We each react differently to the different treatment options. Thus, we work closely with our patients to find the right medication and optimal dosage.
If your Paloma's provider decides to write a prescription, simply pick up and pay for your thyroid medication like you normally would at your local pharmacy.

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