6 Reasons Hypothyroid Patients Love Paloma Doctors

Find out why hypothyroid patients across the country are switching doctors to Paloma

thyroid hormone for hypothyroidism


Medication Is Only Part Of The Solution

On top of working with you to get to the right dosage, your Paloma doctor will educate and guide you through the various components to feeling your best. Consultations include conversations about your lifestyle and diet, what stressors may be triggering your symptoms, and how to position yourself for success. Your doctor will work hand in hand with your Paloma nutritionist to set a meal plan to help calm your symptoms being triggered by an autoimmune response.


Get A Doctor That Gets It

Paloma Health doctors are thyroid specialists. That means that they don’t just look at your TSH and give you a pill. With Paloma, you’ll find a doctor that brings equal parts compassionate care and objective expertise to rigorously investigate how to help. From taking a deep dive into your history to exploring all medications options, your Paloma doctor will leave no stone unturned in your thyroid journey.

thyroid hormone for hypothyroidism


No More Doctor Offices

45% of hypothyroid patients wait a month for an appointment, and 66% spend more than 2 hours to see their doctor. Paloma consultations are done via live video visit, so you can spend less time waiting and more time face-to-face with the doctor. Telemedicine allows you to connect with a top thyroid doctor in the country from the comfort of your home.


Insurance, HSA, Or Cash Pay–Either Way You Save

Paloma doctors work with major insurance companies to help keep your costs down and quality of care high. If your insurance does not cover a Paloma visit, you will only pay $99 for the same quality care that other specialists provide for over $600.

thyroid hormone for hypothyroidism


Establish A Real Relationship With Your Doctor

If you are happy with the doctor you met with, keep the same doctor for future visits. Continue seeing the same doctor who knows you and who can track your progress. Your Paloma doctor is always a text away, and is here to be a partner on your thyroid journey.


Our Doctors Know That You Are More Than Your Labs

Our doctors will look at all potential treatment options according to your symptoms, your labs and your history. There are more than one type of hypothyroid medications and a one-size fits-all approach proved its limits already.

What members are saying

Cassie, member since 2021

Partner with your thyroid care team

Cassie is feeling better and better thanks to her partnership with her Paloma Care team. She losts weights, feels like her brain fog is not as bad as well as many other hypothyroid symptoms

Cassie, member since 2021

Partner With Your Thyroid Care Team

Jamie, member since 2021

Doctors caring for you, this is new!

After bad doctor experiences, Jamie was so happy to find a doctor who cares for her health and well being.

Jamie, member since 2021

Doctors Caring For You, This Is New!

thyroid hormone for hypothyroidism
Mary Shomon, patient Advocate

The approach we need to feel well

Patient advocate and author Mary Shomon transformed her 1995 thyroid diagnosis into a mission to educate and empower others struggling with hormonal conditions.

Mary Shomon, Patient Advocate

The approach we need to feel well!

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thyroid hormone for hypothyroidism

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