Last Chance - Mother's Day Sale

Last chance - Mother's Day Sale

For moms, thyroid health matters. Save $25 on our thyroid test kit or self-pay membership using code MOMDAY.

Comprehensive online thyroid care at your fingertips

Get a long-term partner dedicated to your Thyroid health.

The Paloma Membership


billed annualy($240/year)

Online specialist visits for $60 or your copay

Exclusive discounts on all our services and products

Members-only resources and community

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per month

Your Medication delivered

2 blood tests per year

2 virtual consultations per year

Ask all the questions you want through our chat app

Also included in your membership:

Dedicated Care Manager

Easy medication management

Unlimited chat with your provider

The Paloma private community

Live doctor Q&A

Symptom tracker application

Online courses on thyroid health

We work with major insurance plans to keep your costs down for consults.  (copays & insurance responsibility may apply)

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amazing thyroid care and exclusive perks

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At Home Thyroid Kits

$99 $75

Only takes a few minutes

Reviewed by US physicians

Pain-free testing from home


per month

Your Medication delivered

2 blood tests per year

2 virtual consultations per year

Ask all the questions you want through our chat app

best thyroid online doctor

Online Doctor Visits


or your copay

Paloma doctors only treat hypothyroidism

Unlimited doctor chats

We look at all thyroid medication options


per month

Your Medication delivered

2 blood tests per year

2 virtual consultations per year

Ask all the questions you want through our chat app

natural desicatted thyroid medication

Vitamin Supplements

$34 $27


10 essential nutrients

Free of iodine, gluten, dairy

Backed by clinical research

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What is covered by insurance? 

Doctor visits are covered by insurance. We accept major insurance plans. Check your coverage to see if we accept your insurance

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What is FSA/HSA eligible?

If you have an HSA/FSA plan, you might be able to use these funds for our membership, At-Home test kit, and other services. Check with your plan administrator to confirm if you can use your HSA/FSA funds, as each plan has different restrictions.

Can I use my insurance?

Want to know if we take your insurance?
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Thyroid Care, reimagined

Compassion-first care that treats you as a whole person - not a set of symptoms.

Video Visits with thyroid specialists

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Get best-in-class care from wherever you are with convenient video appointments.

Unlimited Messaging

hypothyroidism symptoms

If you have questions along the way, direct message your care team at any time.

Discount and unique ressources

hypothyroidism symptoms

Save on your test kits, vitamins and join exclusive Q&As, the Paloma community and more.

Personalized care & lifestyle plans

hypothyroidism symptoms

Get thyroid medication if necessary, as well as referrals for scans and labs. Plans are tailored specifically to your needs and goals

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Why join?

we are different


Typical medical practice

30 minutes doctor appointments


Unlimited doctor messaging


Dedicated care manager

Refill and treatment reminders

Exclusive events, community, and content

Nutritionist & Care management support

From the comfort of your own home

The Paloma Health experience goes above and beyond your typical hypothyroid practice

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Frequently asked questions

Does Membership include the cost of appointments

Your Paloma membership includes a Care Coordinator, virtual accessibility, the Paloma mobile app, unlimited messaging and support, community programming, and more. Membership does not include the cost of appointments, but as a member you can use your insurance on these visits!

If we don't accept your insurance, the cost of a doctor visit would be $60. That is less than your copay? we are not surprised!

How much does the membership cost?

Paloma Health offers one membership option at $20 a month billed annually ($240 per year). Members pay $60 for each doctor visit but can also decide to use their insurance to cover the cost of these visits.

Want to know if we accept your insurance? Take this quiz

How do I know if you take my insurance plan?

To check if your plan works with Paloma, go to our Join Page. Once you enter your information on, you’ll be able to check if Paloma takes your plan in Step 2. Don’t worry, this will not commit you to a membership (that happens in the later steps). If you still have questions, email

Can I pay the membership fee with my insurance? 

Unfortunately, your insurance cannot be used to pay for your membership fee.

Paloma Health's mission is to help as many people as possible. To expand the range of members we can support, we will continue to grow our network of commercial insurance partners to provide coverage for visits with providers.

Want to know if we accept your insurance? Take this quiz:

Can I use my FSA or HSA to cover membership or other costs?

Many of our members use their FSA/HSA to pay for test kits and supplements. However, we recommend checking with your FSA/HSA company/carrier for more information and details as to how you can use these funds.

In case there is any additional documentation you need, we’re more than happy to help get you the necessary paperwork.

Any other questions? We’re always just a message away. Just visit your Paloma Health portal to get in touch.

What if I lose or change my insurance?

If you lose your insurance coverage or have a new insurance that we do not accept, you can pay $60 for your doctor visits without billing your insurance.

What does “unlimited messaging” mean?

As a member, you have access to unlimited messaging with your medical team. This includes your doctor, nutritionist and care manager.

Connect with them anytime through your online patient portal or through the Paloma mobile app if you have any questions between visits or want to update them about how you’re responding to treatment.

You should get a response within 72 hours, but usually sooner.

Please note: Unlimited messaging is not for emergency care or services. If you require urgent medical attention, please call 911 or visit an urgent care center. For more complex questions, you may need to set up a medical appointment to speak to your doctor directly.

Does my membership automatically renew?

Your membership is set to auto-renew every year. If you have any questions about the different options, or want to chat about your membership, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If my medication dose changes, who prescribes the new or adjusted meds for me?

Your Paloma physician will communicate any dose changes to your pharmacy of choice. Most of the time, your medication will be ready for pick up at your local retail pharmacy same-day

What makes Paloma Health different?

We believe the way you feel is more important than your lab numbers.

We believe the thyroid gland is one of the most important contributors to your wellbeing and if not closely monitored can make you feel at best, "not your best" and at worst, worn out, depressed, struggling with weight, unable to function well at your work, and stressed about all of this.

We make it easy to get expert, personalized treatment for hypothyroidism––all from the comfort of home. Delivered via telemedicine by expert, caring doctors and nutritionists, we combine evidence-based treatment approaches with at-home lab testing to deliver the best care and experience available.

How will I interact with my Paloma Health physician?

Through a video call.

A video call is an amazing way to have a great interaction with your physician.

The only thing you need is a smartphone or a computer with WIFI or a strong signal.

Who can benefit from Paloma Health treatment?

Paloma health is a practice for anyone suffering with hypothyroidism or managing their care after the removal of their thyroid over the age of 18.We offer at home test kits and the best thyroid physicians and life coaches to help you monitor your condition and feel at your best.

Where is the Paloma Health treatment available?

Our doctors are available in the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

What kind of providers will I see?

You pick the provider you want to meet with. Our dedicated Care Teams are led by highly-skilled endocrinologists and holistic doctors. If you want to be match with the best provider for you, fill out the form above!

Will Paloma practitioners see me for other conditions besides hypothyroidism? 

We are a practice solely dedicated to providing the best care for hypothyroidism. We want to hear about all of your symptoms and other conditions and will advise on the best treatment plan to improve your overall well being with respect to your thyroid.

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