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Try a Thyroid-Friendly Diet

The more dietary stress you put on yourself, the more likely you are to experience inflammation that can worsen your autoimmune reactions and interfere with your thyroid function.

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How can nutrition help support thyroid health? 

A possible root cause

Because the thyroid gland is highly nutrient dependent, poor nutritional status is one of the root causes of thyroid dysfunction.

Reverse nutrient deficiencies

Key nutrients drive thyroid hormone production. Nutrient deficiencies can worsen symptoms and prevent thyroid medication from doing its job.

Identify dietary triggers

Dietary triggers can lead to increased gastrointestinal permeability, chronic inflammation, and a possible elevation in thyroid antibodies that would show the presence of Hashimoto’s

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Personalized Dietary Guidance & Health Coaching

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Your Paloma Health Coach is your on-demand nutritionist, accountability partner, and cheerleader all in one!

Whether you need help jumpstarting stalled weight loss, understanding your protein requirements, or just need a bit more encouragement, they are there to guide you to success. Your Paloma Health Coach is always just a message away.

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Video consultations with the best thyroid nutritionists

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Many nutritional factors play a role in optimizing thyroid function. However, both nutrient deficiencies and excesses can trigger or exacerbate symptoms.

Paloma Health gives you the opportunity to work with a nutritionist in collaboration with a physician to determine nutritional status for optimal thyroid health.

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How nutrition plays a role

Some nutrients (iodine and tyrosine) provide the building blocks of thyroid hormones.

Minerals (selenium, iron, and zinc) help convert T4 (inactive thyroid hormone) to T3 (active thyroid hormone).

Selenium can also help reduce thyroid peroxidase (TPO) antibodies, which when elevated, cause damage to the thyroid

Zinc is needed to help your body gauge thyroid hormone levels and tells it to increase production with levels are low.

Nutrient-dense, plant-based foods provide nutrients that support the body’s ability to detoxify harmful substances (e.g. endocrine disruptors like BPA, pesticides, and heavy metals).

Omega 3 fats provide cellular membrane integrity which protects them from becoming damaged and enables your cells to communicate well with each other.

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“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”

Food is your best friend— or your worst enemy. Inflammation— caused largely by problem foods—can tear down the walls of your house before you’ve even got them up. At the end of the day, eating right makes optimal health possible.

Build healthy habits for real life!

While specific foods and supplements can't treat or reverse thyroid disease, eating a healthy, thyroid-friendly diet can support your treatment

Support your thyroid function

Maintain or loose weight

Reduce some of your symptoms

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Learn More About Paloma

What is Paloma Health?

Paloma is an end to end medical practice focusing solely on elevating the care and experience of patients with hypothyroidism.

We know how hard it is to be responsible for staying on top of your labs, scheduling regular visits, communicating with your doctor between visits, and making sure you feel your best with all aspects of your care.

We have built Paloma to provide exceptional care to our patients and relieve some of the burden of managing life with hypothyroidism.


What makes Paloma Health different?

We believe the way you feel is more important than your lab numbers.

We believe the thyroid gland is one of the most important contributors to your wellbeing and if not closely monitored can make you feel at best, "not your best" and at worst, worn out, depressed, struggling with weight, unable to function well at your work, and stressed about all of this.

And because of this, we have created the most complete test kit that you can take at home, we've hired the best doctors to help treat and stay on top of your hypothyroidism in addition to health coaches to help you with holistic approaches to your health - from the best diet, to managing stress, to the right exercise to help maintain your best thyroid health.


Who can benefit from Paloma Health treatment?

Paloma health is a practice for anyone suffering with hypothyroidism or managing their care after the removal of their thyroid over the age of 18.

We offer at home test kits and the best thyroid physicians and life coaches to help you monitor your condition and feel at your best.+


How do I contact Paloma?

For any compliments, complaints, or questions, contact our exceptional customer service team at

Need immediate support that isn’t included in our FAQs? Call our member support team, and they’ll be happy to help. (434) 248 7508+


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