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Advanced medicine from doctors who specialize in hypothyroidism

A whole body approach to long-term health and hypothyroidism

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A Smart And Holistic Approach To Hypothyroidism Treatments


Continuous Supervision

Nutritional Guidance

Always a Message Away

Thyroid consultations with the best thyroid doctors

Our doctors believe in a complete thyroid test

All our doctors authorize full thyroid labs tests such as Free T3, Free T4 and TPO antibodies in addition to the standard TSH. Our at-home thyroid test kits let you test wherever you are, including the comfort of your couch.

Our doctors will consider all medication options

We want you to feel at your absolute best. Our doctors will explore all possible treatments based on your symptoms and history. They'll work with you closely to find the optimal functioning of your thyroid.

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Continuous Physician Supervision

Your Paloma Physician is your new thyroid specialist, and will coordinate as needed with your primary care physician.

Unlike traditional healthcare, where patients only check in with their endocrinologist or GP only a couple of times a year, our team of board-certified physicians provides around-the-clock monitoring and care. This allows us to safely adjust your medications and care plan in real time.

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Private Patient Community

Paloma's private patient community is a unique resource to become more educated. We are all in this together.

Those that choose to join can connect with other Paloma patients to find support and share tips in a positive, moderated environment.

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Personalized Dietary Guidance & Health Coaching

Your Paloma Health Coach is your on-demand nutritionist, accountability partner, and cheerleader all in one!

Whether you need help jumpstarting stalled weight loss, understanding your protein requirements, or just need a bit more encouragement, they are there to guide you to success. Your Paloma Health Coach is always just a message away!

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