Last Chance - Mother's Day Sale

Last chance - Mother's Day Sale

For moms, thyroid health matters. Save $25 on our thyroid test kit or self-pay membership using code MOMDAY.

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AIP Diet thyroid

12-Week AIP Guide

Address symptoms of Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism and start feeling better with step-by-step guidance for the autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet.


Simple Guide For Healthy Sleep

Getting a good (or bad) night of sleep affects everything from how your body processes food to how it regulates blood sugar, remembers information, controls inflammation and more.

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Quick Guide: Selenium

The conversion from hormone T4 to hormone T3 requires an enzyme that itself requires selenium.

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Quick Guide: Iodine

Iodine is a crucial component of the molecular structure of thyroid hormones.

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Sample Thyroid Meal Plan

This curated guide makes healthy eating easy with one full week of recipes and inspiration.

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The Starter Guide To Thyroid Health

A free guide to learn about the science of hypothyroidism and the first steps to managing your thyroid health.

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Your Guide To Thyroid Medication

Optimizing your thyroid levels with thyroid hormone replacement medication is usually the first step in minimizing symptoms.

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How to Maintain a Healthy Gut

Research suggests that the majority of our immune system resides in our gut. Digestive issues like bloating, constipation, or gas can be resolved or improved with simple lifestyle changes.

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Top Compounding Pharmacies for NDT Prescriptions

A list of the top compounding pharmacies for NDT prescriptions that incorporate high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients for natural desiccated thyroid medications.

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Your Guide to the Genetics of Thyroid Function

A free guide to learn about how genes impact your risk for hypothyroidism.

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Thyroid-friendly Sensational Pureed Soups

Follow along and watch this guide live with your chef, Ginny Mahar, and learn to create nutrient-dense soups that are also beneficial for your thyroid health.

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Gluten And It's Impact On Thyroid Function

Learn the impact gluten can have on your thyroid function, symptoms, and foods to avoid.

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Understanding Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

This guide will teach you about Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, its anatomy, how to diagnose it, and treatment options.

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LDN: Treatment for Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's

This guide will teach you how LDN can be implemented as part of your thyroid treatment plan.

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Understanding The Connection: Perimenopause, Menopause, and Hypothyroidism

This guide teaches you about the interplay between these conditions and how to navigate these complex relationships to manage your health effectively.

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Cheat Sheet: Eating Gluten Free

This guide will help you navigate and simplify implementing a gluten-free lifestyle.

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5-Day Thyroid Meal Plan

A 5-day thyroid-healthy meal plan that includes a complete grocery list and step-by-step recipe instructions.

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Stress 101: How to Avoid a Flare-Up

Practical tools to lower your chance of an autoimmune flare-up due to stress.

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