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Thyroid Guide

5-Day Thyroid Meal Plan

In this free download, you'll get a five-day meal plan that includes a grocery list and recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, two snack options, plus dessert.

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Nourish Your Thyroid

A 5-day thyroid-healthy meal plan that includes a complete grocery list and step-by-step recipe instructions.

What's included?

Key nutrients for thyroid health

What you eat —and what you don’t eat—profoundly impacts your thyroid health. Learn which nutrients are foundational to thyroid health, and where to get them.

Grocery list

A full grocery list that outlines the ingredients you need to follow this meal plan. The list is organized into categories based on how a typical grocery store is laid out to save you time at the store.

Complete thyroid meal plan

A 5-day meal plan geared towards supporting thyroid health, including breakfast, lunch, dinner with two snack options, and a yummy hormone-balancing dessert option.

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