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paloma health reviews

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Dr Sharda was very thorough and helped me come up with a sensible diagnostic and treatment plan for me as a whole person.
Dr Pankaj Sharda
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That was my first ever telemedicine visit and I have to say I was very happily surprised. The doctor was great too and spent 30 minutes with me, another first for me
Dr Teresa Peña
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At-Home Thyroid Test
I am confident about my next steps with Dr Gerard. I have already scheduled my follow up. I am looking forward to dive deeper into my Hashimoto's
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At-Home Thyroid Test
First visit but definitely seems to be a very caring and smart physician. Listened to what I said and picked up on something that has been ignored by other docs for 15 years. Looking forward to better thyroid health..
Dr Dennis Chernin
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At-Home Thyroid Test
easy to make an appointment, easy to download pre-existing lab work, easy to contact if need help, easy to locate the sort of doctor you would like to work with, good follow up and nutritional support, and a very knowledgeable doctor that i met with. I would 100% recommend to anyone with thyroid issues, even if just to get a second opinion.
Dr Heather Krantz
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At-Home Thyroid Test
Listened to all I had to say and answered all of my questions and was very clear on my options.
Dr. Lloyd Runser
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At-Home Thyroid Test
I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 20+ years ago and for the first time I finally feel heard. My experience with Paloma has been nothing short of amazing. Each interaction I have had been one of caring and concern. I had my first visit today with Dr. Chernin and was very impressed with his kindness and compassion. I'm actually looking forward to my next Dr. appointment!
Dr Dennis Chernin
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What members are saying

Cassie, member since 2021

Partner with your thyroid care team

Cassie is feeling better and better thanks to her partnership with her Paloma Care team. She losts weights, feels like her brain fog is not as bad as well as many other hypothyroid symptoms

Cassie, member since 2021

Partner With Your Thyroid Care Team

Jamie, member since 2021

Doctors caring for you, this is new!

After bad doctor experiences, Jamie was so happy to find a doctor who cares for her health and well being.

Jamie, member since 2021

Doctors Caring For You, This Is New!

thyroid hormone for hypothyroidism
Mary Shomon, patient Advocate

The approach we need to feel well

Patient advocate and author Mary Shomon transformed her 1995 thyroid diagnosis into a mission to educate and empower others struggling with hormonal conditions.

Mary Shomon, Patient Advocate

The approach we need to feel well!

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Meet the Paloma care team

Dr. Jennifer Hone,
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Hone is a distinguished Endocrinologist with a passion for delivering care and problem solving complex endocrinology conditions in partnership with her patients. Dr. Hone is the Chief Medical Officer for Paloma health and in addition to seeing patients, helps develop our leading thyroid practice protocols and research.

Dr. Hone is the Clinical Endocrinologist for Santa Barbara County in California. She has been a clinical researcher at the NIH, was a Lieutenant Commander in the US Public Health Service, conducted research at Sansun Diabetes Research Institute, and managed her own endocrinology practice in Denver.

She received her BA with Distinction from the University of CA, Berkeley, and her MD with multiple honors from George Washington University. Dr. Hone completed her endocrinology fellowship from the National Institutes of Health.

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Nicole German,
Thyroid dietitian

Nicole is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist specializing in weight management, food sensitivities, thyroid conditions, and autoimmune conditions. Nicole completed her education at the University of Georgia where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics.

A few years ago, she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. This propelled her to learn more about the thyroid condition and how she could naturally improve her health. Nicole learned from the healthcare professionals she worked with at the time, and began her own continuing education.

In addition, Nicole became a Certified LEAP Therapist which qualifies her to work with LEAP MRT patients and perform the MRT (Mediator Release Test) and use LEAP immunocalm diet therapy. This means Nicole can use the gold standard testing in food sensitivities to test patients for the foods that are causing further inflammation. This is currently an integral part of Nicole’s thyroid nutrition protocol for patients with Hashimoto’s. She has found the best approach is to reduce inflammation through diet, and to improve nutrient status.

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