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Paloma Health delivers a condition-focused care model that puts members front and center of their care journey. 

We partner with health plans to provide nationwide high-quality, cost-effective, and clinically proven thyroid care..

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hashimoto hypothyroidism symptoms
hashimoto hypothyroidism

A silent epidemic affecting women

The thyroid gland produces hormones that regulate virtually every system in the body. The underproduction of thyroid hormones, known as hypothyroidism, can cause fatigue, weight gain, depression and other metabolic and fertility problems.

25 Million

diagnosed patients in the US

25 million Americans are diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, or hypothyroidism 1

1 in 8

women will have thyroid issues

Women are 5 to 8 times more likely than men to develop thyroid problems 2


most prescribed drug in the US

Levothyroxine, the standard of care for treating hypothyroidism, is the most prescribed drug in the United States 3

Better thyroid care cannot wait

millions of people are struggling with their Thyroid health right now

thyroid doctor hashimoto's

17% only think their physician is a good source of support.

natural desicatted thyroid medication

6% only are completely satisfied with their treatment

hashimoto's nutrition consultation

46% Think they receive absolutely no support from their employers

thyroid test t3

5/10 one of the worst satisfation score for a chronic condition

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hypothyroid supplements

Thyroid specialists are rare

There are less than 5,000 endocrinologists practicing in the country. There are 15.5 board-certified adult endocrinologists in clinical practice per 1 million persons in in the United States

vitamin thyroid symptoms

Not all doctors are educated on hypothyroidism

General practitioners spend less than one day during their medical school training on the thyroid. Hypothyroidism is only one of the many thyroid related issues.

multivitamin thyroid

Patients don't know who to ask

Most hypothyroid patients get treatment from general practitioners, not specialists.

Why most thyroid patients do not get adequate care

The barriers and burdens of traditional hypothyroid care are significant: People bounce from endocrinologists to nutritionist to primary care. They struggle to find specialists who understand their condition. It impacts every aspect of their life

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How Paloma Gets Better Outcomes


Doctors who specialize in hypothyroidism

Our network of physicians focuses on hypothyroid treatments, and receive ongoing training and support from leading experts in thyroid medicine.


Personalized treatment plans

We create a unique care plan for each patients that fits their individual health goals and needs. This plan is continuously optimized around medication and healthy habits.


Ongoing care and support

At Paloma Health, we believe that ongoing care is integral to providing effective thyroid care. Patients can enjoy in-app messaging with their care team and ongoing support from their care coordinator and thyroid doctor.

thyroid hormone for hypothyroidism
thyroid hormone for hypothyroidism

Creating unparalleled access to high-quality Thyroid care

Paloma's network makes it possible for members to find in-network thyroid care quickly and easily


More available appointments than typical insurance networks

48 hours

Hours to book an appointment with a board-certified thyroid specialist


Access to online booking, messaging, and tracking features

With a 3x ROI, investing in high-quality Thyoid care makes a difference

We combine nutrition, lifestyle, cutting-edge technology, and diagnostic testing to deliver real life-changing results.

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94% improved

Dry skin

92% improved

Weight gain

75% improved

Quality of life

80% improved

thyroid hormone for hypothyroidism

Let's deliver exceptional Thyroid care together

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