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Together, We Can Transform the Practice of Thyroid Care

Partner with Paloma Health in delivering a continuous care model designed for better health outcomes where patients feel supported and in control of their care.

Convenient. Comprehensive. Covered by insurance.

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Why Health systems partner with Paloma Health

Benefits of participation

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Revenue Growth

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Expanded reach

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Improved patient satisfaction

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Meeting comprehensive needs of women 40+

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Creating unparalleled access to high-quality Thyroid care

Paloma's network makes it possible for members to find in-network thyroid care quickly and easily


More available appointments than typical insurance networks


Paloma physicians' NPS score from more than 20,000 patients.


Access to online booking, messaging, and tracking features

When patients get the care they deserve, we all benefit

Paloma increases the vitality of your healthcare system by offering patients:

Access to clinicians trained in thyroid health

Convenient telehealth visits and 24/7 messaging

Holistic solutions, including lifestyle coaching and supplements

Preventative care recommendations and screening

In-network insurance coverage

Symptom tracker application

Online courses on thyroid health

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thyroid hormone for hypothyroidism

Because of the number of commorbidities our patients have, we always have to refer out our patients to other specialists for other issues such as adrenal issues, hypertensions, diabetes,....



Primary care

Mental Health


Paloma supports all departments in healthcare

a complex population that has multiple chronic conditions, autoimmune diseases

thyroid hormone for hypothyroidism

Increase engagement, improve outcomes and maximize value

We combine nutrition, lifestyle, cutting-edge technology, and diagnostic testing to deliver real life-changing results.

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94% improved

Dry skin

92% improved

Weight gain

75% improved

Quality of life

80% improved

thyroid hormone for hypothyroidism

Let's deliver exceptional Thyroid care together

See why Health systems love partnering with Paloma Health to help their patients live healthier lives.

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