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Thyroid Guide

Thyroid-friendly Sensational Pureed Soups

In this guide, you’ll learn the art of crafting sensational and thyroid-healthy pureed soups with a thyroid health and cooking coach, also known as Hypothyroid Chef, Ginny Mahar.

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Nutrient Dense Soups Optimal For Your Thyroid

Follow along and watch this guide live with your chef, Ginny Mahar, and learn to create nutrient-dense soups that are also beneficial for your thyroid health.

What's included?

Cooking Class with Ginny Mahar

Follow along as Ginny Mahar walks you through this guide and shows you how to prepare and store thyroid-friendly soups properly.


Learn how to choose the right ingredients and how to make bone broth.

Tips, Secrets, and Food Storage

Learn tips and tricks from equipment to make your soups to how to store them.

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