Paloma Health Partnership Program

Our Partnership Program

Paloma aims to partner with likeminded healthcare professionals to increase access to top-notch thyroid care. We understand that having the tools available, whether it is a thyroid lab or an endocrinologist who can manage a prescription, will enable you to provide comprehensive and impactful treatment.

Give your patients or clients a path to definitive answers on their thyroid health. Paloma Health gives partners the opportunity to provide their patients or clients a discount of 40% off our at-home thyroid test.

About Paloma Health

Paloma is an end-to-end solution for managing hypothyroidism. Help your clients conveniently get the best-in-class specialized care for their thyroid.

How it works

-Paloma will set up a promo code for you to offer patients or clients 40% off our at-home thyroid test
-If you qualify, after one month of strong referrals, Paloma may send you a set of kits at no cost. This will allow you to hand deliver kits quickly and conveniently to your patients/clients, which they can purchase upon activation

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