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Make health a habit

Paloma Health's mobile app surrounds you with the support and motivation you need to take control of your thyroid health.

Paloma Health’s 12-week app-based program is the easiest way to alleviate the symptoms of Hashimoto's.

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What the program is about

12 weeks to a lasting, healthy thyroid

This FREE program is your step-by-step guide to following the autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet


Weekly interactive sessions

Over 75 self-paced, evidence-based learning modules to better understand your condition and how to manage symptoms and lifestyle

hypothyroidism telemedicine

Hundreds of recipes, articles and other resources

Identify your dietary and environmental triggers, manage inflammation, and track your symptom improvement

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Symptom tracking

Track energy, mood, pain, and other Hashimoto’s symptoms to see how they change throughout the program

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Track  Symptoms

Monitor your 
progress over time

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Identify Triggers

Reduce your hypothyroid
or Hashimoto symptoms

hypothyroidism symptoms

In-Depth Education

Support your learning
with over 200 articles

hypothyroidism symptoms

Medication Reminders

Never forget to take
your thyroid meds

hypothyroidism symptoms

Interactive Modules

Build habits with a health coach in your pocket

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we treat the whole you

Wellness Is a Puzzle, let's put the pieces together

Paloma's health programs are grounded in the latest science and take a “root cause” approach to driving change that lasts

hypothyroidism API diet

Diet for a healthy thyroid

hypothyroidism telemedicine

Lifestyle coaching

hypothyroidism symptoms

Stress management


Sleep Health

hypothyroidism and AIP

Weight Management

AIP symptoms

thyroid Medication education

thyroid hormone for hypothyroidism

Create a healthier lifestyle, whilst having support from others hypothyroid patients who share your same health goals

I want to

Lose Weight 💪

Don't focus on symptoms, focus on your health goals

a Personalized plan

thyroid hormone for hypothyroidism

It all starts with a single step

Paloma Health gives you the tools, support, and motivation you need to take back control of your thyroid health.

thyroid hormone for hypothyroidism

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