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9 Foods To Nourish Your Thyroid

Some nutrients provide the building blocks of thyroid hormones.
9 Foods To Nourish Your Thyroid
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Have you received a hypothyroidism diagnosis? If so, then you’re probably familiar with the frustrating and often overwhelming symptoms that go along with the condition. What you may not know is that it’s possible for many of the foods that you eat to help or hurt your thyroid. While there are some foods that should be avoided if you are a thyroid patient, there are also many that not only taste great, but might help nourish your thyroid.

Check out these nine superfoods that could help you feel your best:

1. Brazil Nuts

Selenium is an extremely important nutrient to add to your diet and one of the best ways to increase your levels is by adding Brazil nuts. Studies have suggested that selenium helps balance T4 hormone and assists with the conversion of T4 to T3. In addition, Brazil nuts are anti-inflammatory which could reduce the risk of damage to thyroid tissue! Careful: just one or two nuts are enough to pack a selenium punch! 

2. Spinach

We all know the age-old advice that green leafy vegetables are generally good for our health, but did you know that spinach is high in magnesium? Up to 75% of Americans do not get the recommended daily intake of this important mineral and low levels could cause poor thyroid function. There as so many great ways to add this leafy veggie to your diet. Beside adding to salads, spinach is also great sautéed or added to smoothies!

3. Quinoa

Bet you didn’t know that quinoa is related to our old friend spinach! It’s the seed of a flowering plant that is botanically related to the aforementioned leafy green, and it makes a great alternative to pasta and rice. Rich in iron, magnesium, vitamin B2, vitamin E, and all the amino acids makes this a smart ingredient to add to your pantry.

4. Bone Broth

Widely considered a super-food, bone broth contains several minerals that your body requires such as magnesium, calcium, sulfur, and more. In addition, it’s suggested to reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. Bone broth is also great for you digestive system, or what is colloquially known as the gut. Research contends that to effectively heal thyroid disease, gut health must also be addressed in order to properly convert thyroid hormone T4 to T3, which regulates the speed at which the metabolism works. 

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a powerhouse nutrient that could reduce inflammation. As a healthy fat, it is converted to energy instead of being stored inside our body, so it might also have the ability to energize the body and mind. What’s more is that coconut oil works as a deep conditioning, all-natural skin moisturizer for those who struggle with skin dryness, thickening, or scaling from low hormone levels. 

6. Salmon

Important for overall health, omega-3 fatty acids are suggested to increase immunity, reduce the risk of heart disease, and decrease inflammation. In addition, wild-caught salmon is a good source of selenium. Baked with some olive oil, lemon juice, and salt makes for a quick, easy, and tasty meal. 

7. Berries

Bursting with antioxidants, berries of all kinds could boost the immune system, fight free radicals (unstable molecules that can cause damage to cells and tissues), and help curb the sweet tooth. Berries provide significant amounts of fiber which might help your body feel full longer and aid in healthy digestion.

8. Beets

Beets are the perfect addition to a thyroid patient’s diet because they are suggested to assist with increasing oxygen by cleaning the blood, and can break down pollutants to be filtered and processed more quickly through the liver. This is important because T4 must be converted to T3 before the body can use it, and most of this conversion happens in the liver. If you have a sluggish liver, you risk your symptoms possible getting worse. 

9. Turmeric

This bright yellow spice is claimed to be a very powerful anti-inflammatory, good for not only the thyroid, but also the liver, gut, and joints. The active ingredient Curcumin is suggested to assist in detoxing heavy metals from the body. You get the greatest benefit from tumeric when it’s taken along with fats or oils to make sure it’s absorbed into the gut. Might we suggest a warm cup of creamy golden milk with your choice of nut milk?

As always, consult with your doctor before adding anything to your diet. We at Paloma Health want you to feel at your absolute best. Our doctors will explore all possible treatments - including personalized dietary guidance and health coaching -  based on your symptoms and history. From eating and exercise to sleep and supplements, they’ll work closely with you to make a tailored plan that goes beyond finding the right medications.


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