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My Experience with Paloma Health - Part 1

Kristen shares her experience using Paloma's at-home test kit.
My Experience with Paloma Health - Part 1

Kristen Archer

Content Creator

Three years ago, as a young woman with four young children, I received a diagnosis of breast cancer. Only a few months after that I found out that I also had hypothyroidism caused by Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. For most of my life I had been told that my thyroid would need to be carefully observed due to the small goiter that I had. As I got older, I began having multiple symptoms of hypothyroidism.  I had several doctors that each ordered the TSH blood test. Every time, the results came back showing that my TSH levels were within range and each time I left without treatment but continued living life with increasing symptoms. 

I wish that I would have known to stand up for myself as a patient and understood that having a doctor that specialized in thyroid health was vital to my recovery.

When I had my first child, I became interested in living a healthier life. I began reconsidering what “healthy” food choices were and started removing chemicals and additives from our household supplies and from our food. We began to consume more organic foods and replaced many pre-packaged foods with homemade alternatives.

After I received my diagnosis of breast cancer, I knew that our family had to do even more. As I began researching, I started learning of specific vitamins and minerals that were crucial to our health. This experience also led me to a doctor that was much more open minded and knowledgeable about the thyroid. This doctor was over two hours from my home, but I made the appointment determined to begin healing and start feeling better. By this time, I was losing hair, suffering from extreme fatigue, and had debilitating mental fog.

Something Had to be Done About My Thyroid

The doctor ordered tests that had never been offered to me before. Not only did she check my TSH levels, but also my T4, T3 and TPO antibody levels as well. With all this information in hand my physician could easily see that not only did I suffer from hypothyroidism, but I had Hashimoto’s disease as well. She gave me my prescription and I began to feel better. 

I stayed on my medication and began adding vitamins and minerals to my diet. I also learned that removing gluten and healing from leaky gut was also a needed intervention. The day came though that I ran out of refills on the prescription and I noticed some of my symptoms returning. Unfortunately, due to the distance to my doctor’s office, I neglected my health and begin suffering the consequences of not receiving proper thyroid care.

Then I Discovered Paloma Health

When I first heard about Paloma Health, I was intrigued because they specialize in hypothyroidism. Not only that, they order a full set of thyroid blood testing, so I knew my thyroid report was going to be accurate. The next thing that worked out perfectly for my situation is the doctor’s appointment was done virtually. I didn’t even have to leave my home! I was beyond excited to give Paloma Health a try.

Receiving My Blood Test Kit 

Once I received my thyroid test kit in the mail, I sat down and reviewed the contents of the box. Inside was a pamphlet with clear instructions on how to use the test kit. The first step was registering my kit. Each kit has a unique code. I logged into my Paloma account on their website and entered my code. After I registered, I laid all the contents out and read the pamphlet so that I had a clear idea of how the kit worked. 

The entire process was so simple

  1. I drank a couple of glasses of water to ensure that I was well hydrated, which helped with blood flow
  2. I washed my hands under warm water to also help with blood flow
  3. I sanitized my finger with an included alcohol pad and allowed to dry
  4. With one simple poke of the lancet I was able to fill all of the circles on the blood collection card. It didn’t even hurt!
  5. I allowed the blood to dry for 30 minutes and wrote my name and collection date on the card
  6. I placed the card into the sample collection bag and sealed it
  7. The sample collection bag was then placed inside the return prepaid envelope and I dropped into the mail

The process took about 5 minutes plus the 30 minutes of the card drying. So within two hours of my blood test being delivered, I dropped put my dried blood collection card into the return envelope and into the mail. My thyroid was being tested and I never had to leave my home.

Reviewing Lab Results

Within a week I got an email and a text that my results were ready. So quick! I even got an answer to my text when I responded with a question. I was able to log back into my account on Paloma Health’s website and view my blood test results. Not only were the results made available to me before I had a doctor’s appointment made, it showed me clearly whether each hormone was high, low, or in range. It also showed what the normal range is and a chart to help me visually see exactly where my levels were. It also explained each hormone and what that hormone is responsible for. There was also the option of downloading the results so that I could print out a paper copy for my records. 

The entire process of ordering, receiving, using my kit, and then reviewing my results has been the easiest blood testing process that I have ever done. My personal dashboard and the lab kit were easy to understand and provided clear and simple directions and explanations. Can't wait to share my next experience with Paloma in part 2!

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Kristen Archer

Content Creator

Three years ago, Kristen was diagnosed with breast cancer and Hashimoto's Disease. Now she's passionate about helping women going through similar experiences. Find her online at www.facebook.com/kristenarcherdesign.

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