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Is Celery Juice Good For Your Thyroid?

Learn the benefits and risks of drinking celery juice for thyroid health from a holistic nutritionist.
Is Celery Juice Good For Your Thyroid?

Neeyaz Zolfaghari

Holistic Nutritionist and Nourishment Coach

Medically Reviewed by:
Kimberly Langdon M.D.
Medically Reviewed by:

Over the past few years, a massive trend hit the world, professing to be the holy grail for thyroid health.

Enter celery juice.

Ahead, Holistic Nutritionist Neeyaz Zolfaghari shares the benefits and risks of drinking celery juice for thyroid health.

What are the benefits of celery juice?

Celery juice is rich in nutrients that may have many health benefits. Celery contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It is low on the glycemic index and is full of vitamins and minerals such as folate, potassium, vitamins A, K, and C. Celery is also incredibly hydrating, being that it is made mainly of water. 

Why is celery juice controversial?

While celery juice is healthy in many ways, it is also controversial as many make lofty claims that it can cure conditions like cancer, obesity, thyroid issues, or acne. Unfortunately, there is limited scientific research to back this up.

Anthony William, known internationally as the "Medical Medium," gave celery juice its biggest boost by claiming that drinking celery juice daily can help restore the health of those living with a chronic illness or disease. 

William has no medical or nutritional background. On his website, it says that William was born with the ability to converse with a Spirit to receive an influx of "extraordinarily accurate" health information. He then shares this information with his community of dedicated followers through his published books such as "Thyroid Healing." It's important to note that his claims are largely unconfirmed by medical or scientific research and studies. 

Is celery juice harmful?

When it comes to nutrition, we often become fixated on trends quickly and passionately. When we see our favorite "wellness influencers" sharing posts eating a certain food or drinking a particular tonic, it's easy to be influenced, if you will, and follow suit. The thought is that if it works for them, then it must work for me too.

However, that is the very issue with wellness trends—there is very rarely a one-size-fits-all answer. Each of us is unique with individual sensitivities. Introducing these trends without proper education can sometimes be more harmful than supportive—especially if someone has a chronic illness or autoimmunity, such as thyroid disease.

None of this is to say that celery juice is harmful in and of itself—after all, it's just vegetable juice! The claim behind the benefits of juicing celery is that juicing retains the taste and concentrates the nutrients. However, when a fruit or vegetable is juiced, it lacks beneficial fiber. Fiber is important because it helps stabilize blood sugar, maintain regular bowel movements, and support a healthy gut microbiome. A healthy gut microbiome is of particular importance for those with autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto's thyroiditis

Followers of the celery juice trend share anecdotally that drinking celery juice has reduced their symptoms and contributed to healing their illness. Still, I believe that what moves the needle is not the celery juice alone; it's a general awareness and commitment to making healthier lifestyle choices. I can almost guarantee that people who drink celery juice every day also focus on sleeping well, eating a well-balanced diet, proactively managing stress, and staying on top of their overall health.

If celery juice is something that you genuinely enjoy drinking, then enjoy drinking it! Personally, I like to add whole celery to my smoothies or munch on it in a salad or with a side of hummus. The fiber found in fruits and vegetables is incredibly nutritious. When fruits and vegetables are juice and their pulp is thrown out, this nutritional fiber goes to waste.

Using celery juice as part of your thyroid health journey

The question on everyone's minds is can celery juice be a part of your healing journey? Is it the only answer? 

There is not one single item of food that can meet all of our daily requirements. Research has continually shown that having various foods from each food group contributes to and supports overall health and well-being. We must look at our lifestyle as a whole and build supportive behaviors for optimal health.


12 Week Hashimoto's
Health Plan


Thyroid-healthy lifestyle behaviors include:

  • A focus on sleep habits and having a restful nighttime routine
  • Eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean protein, complex carbohydrates, (gluten-free) grains, healthy fats, ferments, herbs, and spices
  • Finding ways and modalities to address areas of stress and cultivating practices that help to minimize symptoms of overwhelm
  • Surrounding yourself with a community of people that are supportive, loving, and compassionate
  • Incorporating movement into your daily routine, even as simple as a daily walk
  • Being exposed to and having contact with nature daily - sunshine, grounding
  • Supporting your body through proper supplementation via the guidance of your healthcare provider

These practices will help you to support your overall health and, in tandem, support living well with thyroid disease.

The bottom line

Celery juice may reduce chronic inflammation and boost hydration—both of which are useful in managing your thyroid condition. However, you should not discontinue working with your thyroid doctor or treatment to favor a celery juice regimen.

Similarly, if you choose to drink celery juice, you should integrate it into your thyroid-healthy lifestyle. Doing an isolated celery juice cleanse is unnecessary as it does not detoxify your body, as claimed. Your body has a built-in detoxification system that includes the liver, kidneys, intestines, and lungs. 

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Neeyaz Zolfaghari

Holistic Nutritionist and Nourishment Coach

Neeyaz is a Holistic Nutritionist and Nourishment Coach. Her philosophy is built around nurturing your inner home, to transform your outer home. After learning how to heal from an autoimmune thyroid disease, Neeyaz was inspired and moved by her own journey and chose to take this self love into a business built around supporting others throughout their healing journey. Find her online at

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