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Last chance - Mother's Day Sale

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Meet A Paloma Health Care Manager

Meet the women behind Paloma Health and learn how they're helping you live better with hypothyroidism.
Meet A Paloma Health Care Manager
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March is Women's History Month, and we're celebrating the women at Paloma Health and their amazing contributions.

Meet Lindsey, a Paloma Health Care Manager

Hi Lindsey! Tell us what you do:

I am a Care Manager at Paloma Health. My primary role is to help patients throughout their Paloma Health journey with support, scheduling, and education.

I love my job because I get to build relationships with so many people. For instance, when you join the Complete Thyroid Care Membership, one of the first steps is an onboarding call with me. We talk about everything from when your thyroid health journey started and how the full team at Paloma Health can help you get to the root cause of your thyroid-related symptoms to finally achieve your health and wellness goals.

Why did you choose a career in health tech?

‍I have always been interested in healthcare and helping people. I have a master's degree in public health from Indiana University. And I'm currently training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a certified health coach. I believe everyone deserves to feel well, and I want to help them do that. There is a lot of opportunity in the health tech space to serve patients like never before through online doctor visits and at-home testing. It's exciting to be a part of it.

How does hypothyroidism impact you personally?

Almost every female in my family has Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism—grandma, aunts, mom, and sister. I see how it affects women disproportionately more than others, and I want to advocate and help drive change for these patients. As I grow older, I know I am at a much higher risk of developing thyroid disease. Because thyroid disease is often hereditary and runs in my family, I now test my thyroid levels twice a year to empower myself with knowledge of my health.

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There is a lot that I can do proactively, too, to lessen or eliminate chronic health issues. I focus on eating nutrient-dense foods, avoiding environmental and dietary toxins, getting quality sleep, and managing my stress. That's why the work that we do at Paloma Health is so important to me—to help other people take back control of their health, too!

What's one way you're choosing to live healthier this month?

I've been living and working from a small New York City apartment for over a year now—and I'm starting to go a little stir-crazy. (Aren't we all?) This month, I'm focusing on my mental and emotional health. To alleviate stress and anxiety, I have started journaling daily and taking time each morning to set a positive intention for the day. Some of my favorite journal prompts include listing things that bring me joy, reflecting on my best memories of 2020, and brainstorming what I'm looking forward to this year.


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Katie Wilkinson, previously serving as the Head of Content and Community at Paloma Health, fervently explores the nexus between healthcare and technology. Living with an autoimmune condition, she's experienced firsthand the limitations of conventional healthcare. This fuels both her personal and professional commitment to enhancing patient accessibility to superior care.

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