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What You Need to Know About the New Thyroid Drug Adthyza

There’s a new natural desiccated thyroid drug available called Adthyza. Learn how it competes against Armour Thyroid and NP Thyroid.
What You Need to Know About the New Thyroid Drug Adthyza
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When it comes to thyroid hormone replacement medications, it’s been a while since a new brand-name medication has come on the market. Recently a new natural desiccated thyroid (NDT) drug has become available. Adthyza, a desiccated thyroid extract, is a brand-name NDT drug manufactured by Azurity Pharmaceuticals, Inc., which was formerly known as CutisPharma, Inc., the parent company of Silvergate Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Adthyza is made from porcine (pig) thyroid glands and treats low thyroid hormone levels (hypothyroidism). Like other NDT drugs, Adthyza includes natural forms of thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). All NDT drugs are federally regulated – but not approved – by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Adthyza’s fillers and ingredients

According to the manufacturer, Adthyza is free of lactose, corn, dyes, and latex. The inactive ingredients in Adthyza Thyroid tablets are:

  • Calcium stearate
  • Colloidal silicon dioxide
  • Dextrose
  • Mannitol
  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Sodium starch glycolate

Adthyza’s dosage strengths

Adthyza comes in 5 strengths:

  • ¼ grain / 16.25 mg: which has 9.5 mcg of T4 and 2.25 mcg of T3
  • ½ grain / 32.5 mg: which has 19 mcg of T4 and 4.5 mcg of T3
  • 1 grain / 65 mg: which has 38 mcg of T4 and 9 mcg of T3
  • 1 ½ grains / 97.5 mg: which has 57 mcg of T4 and 13.5 mcg of T3
  • 2 grains / 130 mg: which has 76 mcg of T4 and 18 mcg of T3

The cost of Adthyza

According to GoodRx, the cash price of Adthyza at various pharmacies range from $29 to $38 for a 30-day supply of 1 grain (65 mg) tablets and $84 to $90 for a 90-day supply of 1 grain (65 mg) tablets.

Adthyza also has an Azurity Solutions - Patient Direct “affordable access program” called Adthyza Cares, which offers similar prices for mail-order purchases by patients with hypothyroidism who don’t have health insurance. According to the Adthyza Cares program, no insurance is required to get guaranteed cash pricing and home delivery to all 50 U.S. states. (Free shipping is offered for 90-day supplies of Adthyza.)

For cash-paying patients, costs are estimated at $35 for a 30-day supply and $90 for a 90-day supply.

How does Adthyza compare to Armour Thyroid and NP Thyroid?

Adthyza appears similar to its competitors, Armour Thyroid (manufactured by AbbVie) and NP Thyroid (manufactured by Acella.) The main differences are in their inactive ingredients, pricing, and dosage sizes.

Compared to Adthyza’s six inactive ingredients, Armour Thyroid has only five, including:

  • Calcium stearate
  • Dextrose
  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Sodium starch glycolate
  • Opadry white

NP Thyroid has only three inactive ingredients:

  • calcium stearate
  • dextrose
  • mineral oil

As far as price, Adthyza is priced more closely to NP Thyroid, which according to GoodRx, runs from $24 to $40 a month for a one-month supply of 1 grain/60 mg and $60 to $101 for a three-month supply.

A one-month supply of Armour (1 grain/60 mg) runs $35 - $43, and $95 to $116 for a three-month supply.

Similar to Adthyza, Armour has dosage sizes of ¼ grain/15 mg, ½ grain/30 mg, 1 grain/60 mg, 1 ½ grain/90 mg, 2 grains/120 mg. Armour has one additional dosage size, 3 grains/180 mg.

NP Thyroid has the same five dosages as Adthyza –  ¼ grain/15mg, ½ grain/30mg, 1 grain/60mg, 1 ½ grain/90mg, and 2 grains/120mg.

One interesting difference: Adthyza has a valuable and novel tool on their website that you won’t find on their competitor’s websites. On the “Get to Know Adthyza” page, under “Confidence and Quality: Look Up Your Lot,” you can enter the lot number from your prescription to see the testing information for your lot’s quality, consistency, and potency.

A note from Paloma

The choice of taking levothyroxine versus natural desiccated thyroid for your thyroid hormone replacement is best made in partnership with a knowledgeable healthcare provider who can provide sound medical advice for your hypothyroidism treatment.

Paloma’s team of top thyroid providers can work with you to map out a personalized plan for optimal wellness and thyroid health. Get started by scheduling an appointment with a Paloma provider today.

Also, remember that if you are working with your healthcare provider to change your treatment of hypothyroidism – and optimize that treatment – you should have your thyroid levels checked regularly. Typically, a thyroid panel is done before you change thyroid hormone therapy or medication dose and periodically after that to assess your thyroid health and function over time. You may find this testing process more accessible by using a convenient home test kit from Paloma Health, which evaluates thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), Free Thyroxine (Free T4), Free Triiodothyronine (Free T3), and Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPOAb).

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