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Mindful Morning Routine for Thyroid Patients

Practical tips for thyroid patients to have a good morning — every morning.
Mindful Morning Routine for Thyroid Patients
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Having a consistent morning routine is key to starting your day off in the right manner and set the tone, pace, and energy for how the rest of your day will look. Below are my five tips on starting your day mindfully with ease to carry you through a productive day.

5 steps for mindful morning routine

Wake up and pause

After you have woken up and turned off your alarm, sit up in bed. Gently lay one hand on your heart and one on your stomach and take three slow deep breaths. This pause will help to quiet your mind and center you before the day begins.

Hydrate both externally and internally

With cold water, rinse your mouth. I like to brush my teeth with a small amount of toothpaste. Rinse your face with cold water and use eye drops to help hydrate your eyes. Hydrating your eyes is especially important if you have TED (thyroid eye disease) as the mornings tend to be when your eyes are the driest. 

Slowly begin drinking a glass of either warm or room temperature water. For many of us, we wake up, and our stomachs start growling almost immediately. This feeling can easily be mistaken for hunger when, in reality, your body is thirsty and asking for hydration. 

Prepare your space

Draw open the blinds and open your window to draw in some fresh air (if weather permits). Make your bed - this helps to encourage a put together, tidier room and increased productivity. Then, diffuse essential oils such as eucalyptus or spearmint, frankincense, rosemary, or geranium in a diffuser. All of these oils may be beneficial for thyroid health, as some research suggests they could help decrease stress, enhance mood, and aid in reducing inflammation.

Quiet the mind

Now that you’re more awake and aware and your space is together, it’s time to turn inward. Meditation is incredibly beneficial for many reasons - especially in lowering stress levels and lowering our metabolic rate to a level where body systems can rebalance themselves.  In whatever space available to you, sit comfortably with a straight back and practice 10-20 minutes of gratitude and meditation. Begin writing in a gratitude journal three things for which you are grateful. For meditation, I love apps like Calm, Insight Timer, or 10% Happier for guided practices.

If you take thyroid medication, creating the habit of taking it before or after your meditation/mindfulness practice is ideal. Aim to take your medicines at the same time each day and at a time when you’re not in a state of high anxiety or stress.

NOTE: Right after your meditation/mindfulness practice is a great place to fit in your daily movement practice.

By starting your morning in a calm and relaxed state and preparing your space, you can go into your workout more alert and know that when you come home, all you have left to do is eat and get ready for the day*

Nourish internally

Prepare yourself a balanced breakfast that contains essential fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Eggs prepared with ghee, avocado oil or olive oil, a bed of roasted vegetables with avocado or egg, full-fat yogurt with low glycemic fruit and sugar-free granola, or a green smoothie with nut butter are all excellent options.

EXTRA CREDIT: Keep your phone on airplane mode until after you’ve finished having breakfast.

If you’re using a meditation app, download the meditations of your choosing before, so you don’t have to turn airplane mode off and be tempted to scroll through your phone. Practice being away from the screen at the beginning of the day and make your mornings YOU time.*


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Neeyaz Zolfaghari

Holistic Nutritionist and Nourishment Coach

Neeyaz Zolfaghari is the founder of Unspoken Nutrition, a nutrition and lifestyle brand dedicated to helping others find and create harmony with their daily habits to support their wellbeing and ‘health’. Her journey began over a decade ago, when she was diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases. Knowing what she learned from her upbringing, Neeyaz turned to nutrition as the first pillar of her healing. As her body began to heal on a physical level, she began to learn how our minds, bodies and souls are all innately connected.  

Now as an Integrative Nutritionist and Patient Advocate, Neeyaz offers the people she works with the support, guidance, and tools they need in order to live a fulfilled life. While Neeyaz initially endeavored to make a difference at the individual level, her vision grew to embrace broader community impacts. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Public Health, serving as a testament to her unwavering commitment to instigate change on a grander scale.

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