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Sleep Meditations To Reduce Autoimmune Stress

Guided meditations to lower your chance of an autoimmune flare-up.
Sleep Meditations To Reduce Autoimmune Stress
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Like any other system in your body, the endocrine system is sensitive to stress.

When the body experiences stress, the adrenal glands produce the steroid hormone, cortisol. This hormone controls how you respond to stress, and how your body fights infection, adjusts blood sugar levels, and regulates blood pressure. Studies suggest that there may be an association between elevated levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone (indicative of an underactive thyroid) and high levels of cortisol.

Mind-body interventions like meditation can help to reduce and manage this stress. The guided sleep meditations in this article will bring calmness and awareness to your body to lower your chance of an autoimmune flare-up due to stress.

Surrender your body to the gentle current of sleep:

Release attachment so that you can clear your mind:

Practice self-observation to reset your awareness:

Send positive thoughts to your body about your well-being:

Reprogram your subconscious mind: 

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Katie Wilkinson

Katie Wilkinson is the Head of Content and Community at Paloma Health. She is passionate about the intersection of healthcare and technology. Living with an autoimmune condition and having been let down by the traditional healthcare system, Katie has a personal and professional interest in improving patient access to better care.

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