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The Paloma treatment

Can I get my medication refilled with Paloma without having an appointment?

We offer refill services for our current patients who have recent lab results on file with us. If you're a new patient, please get your at home test kit here or upload a recent lab (within 4 months) and schedule a consultation with one of our thyroid physicians.


Will Paloma practitioners see me for other conditions besides hypothyroidism?

We are a practice solely dedicated to providing the best care for hypothyroidism. We want to hear about all of your symptoms and other conditions and will advise on the best treatment plan to improve your overall well being with respect to your thyroid.


What if I need to move my appointment?

You can make changes to your appointments from your dashboard.


What is the Paloma health Treatment?

Paloma is an end to end medical practice focusing solely on elevating the care and experience of patients with hypothyroidism.

We know how hard it is to be responsible for staying on top of your labs, scheduling regular visits, communicating with your doctor between visits, and making sure you feel your best with all aspects of your care.

We have built Paloma to provide exceptional care to our patients and relieve some of the burden of managing life with hypothyroidism.


Who could benefit from the Paloma Treatment?

Paloma focuses solely on patients with hypothyroidism. Even if you can use our at-home blood test kit to get a diagnosis or to monitor your hormones levels, the full Paloma experience is for people who have already been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Paloma provides the best-in-class experience from physicians who specialize in the thyroid, to complete testing, to nutrition support.


Where is the Paloma Treatment available?

Test Kits:
The Paloma blood test kist are currently only available in the United States, with the exception of NY, NJ, RI and MD (temporarily).

Doctor Consultations:
Our Physicians can see patients in the states they are licensed in:  California, Texas, Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Missouri and Colorado. You won't be able to see a doctor and get a prescription if you don't live in one of these states.


If my medication dose changes, who prescribes the new or adjusted meds for me?

Your Paloma physician will communicate any dose changes to your pharmacy of choice.


How will I interact with my Paloma physician?

You can book a telemedicine appointment with your Paloma physician. It is best to use your computer and chat with your physician through a video call.


What does the patient community do?

Paloma's private, moderated hypothyroid community is a space where patients share wins, recipes, and tips, look for support when challenges arise, and form relationships with their peers.

The community is moderated to ensure safety and accuracy of shared information. You can leave the community at any time without penalty, and participation is completely optional.


How does Paloma work?

Paloma offers at-home thyroid blood test kits and consultations with one of our physicians. The first step is to use one of our blood test kit to be able to see one of our physician unless you have lab results that are less than 4 months old. We'll make sure to remind you when to take a blood test (usually every 4 months if you don't feel any symptoms).


Can I use my own pharmacy?

Yes. We recognize patient freedom of choice and always allow patients to select their own preferred pharmacy if they choose to no longer use Paloma. If you prefer to have your prescription sent to a specific pharmacy, simply email us at contact@palomahealth.co for help.

Note: we cannot guarantee the prices of other pharmacies, and they may be more expensive than when you have your prescription filled through our partner pharmacy.


How do I contact my Paloma Health doctor?

Your Paloma doctor is always available for a consultation. You cannot message your doctor directly yet but we will add this feature as soon as possible


How can I provide feedback on my Paloma's doctor?

You can provide feedback on your doctor by emailing us at contact@palomahealth.co and your feedback will be passed to our medical team.

In order to provide feedback to the board of medicine, please see the state medical board site for specific instructions on how to contact the board.


How can I share my medical record with my primary care doctor?

Your Paloma Health consultation is designed strictly to diagnose and treat your under-active thyroid and does not replace your regular doctor.

Our Paloma Health doctors recommend you visit your primary care physician for a regular check-up every year.


Can I increase my dosage?

Requests to increase your dosage will be evaluated by the doctor during a consultation. It's best to book another consultation with your doctor directly to communicate any questions or concerns regarding your medication.


How does Telemedicine works?

Telemedicine allows patients to receive a remote diagnosis and treatment from trusted medical professionals. Through this service, which is guided by clinical practice guidelines, patients have a safe, cost-effective way to receive medical advice.


Is Paloma Right For Me?

Hypothyroidism is a long-term commitment and we’re committed to you. Schedule a free, no-obligation phone consultation with one of our intake specialists to find out more.

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