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I know someone else who might benefit from Paloma Health - how can I refer them?

You can refer someone using your unique referral link accessible from your Paloma's account. They will get $30 off their first thyroid kit and you will get $30 off your next thyroid kit as well!


How does the process work?

Anyone can buy a test kit and monitor their hormone levels. Patients wanting to get a doctor consultation need to upload lab results that are less than 4 months old. If you don't have recent lab results, you can use one of our test kits and you will be able to talk to a doctor after getting the results.

Our doctors are available in 10 states: California, Texas, Arizona, Illinois, Florida, Michigan, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Colorado.


What if my physician or provider wants to learn more about Paloma Health?

If your physician or provider has any questions about Paloma's approach, we can put them in contact with your Paloma physician. We are also happy to coordinate your care with your primary care physician.


Who would not be a good fit for Paloma Health?

To receive treatment from Paloma, a patient must:
- Speak and read English
- Be 18 or older and 69 or younger
- Have access and basic ability to use a smartphone, tablet, or computer
- Not have any medical conditions that cannot be properly supervised through our remote care model at this time.

Our medical team reviews each patient carefully, so if in doubt, please reach out to us!


I don't have a smartphone or a computer - can I still join Paloma Health?

Paloma Health is accessed through a smartphone, tablet or computer. While we recommend a smartphone for continuous access to your treatment and care team, it is not necessary to have a smartphone to be successful on Paloma.


Where is the Paloma Health Treatment available?

Test Kits:
The Paloma blood test kist are currently only available in the United States, with the exception of NY, NJ, RI and MD (temporarily).

Doctor Consultations:
Our Physicians can see patients in the states they are licensed in: California, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Arizona. You won't be able to see a doctor and get a prescription if you don't live in one of these states.


How much does Paloma Health cost?

- Thyroid blood test kit: $99
- Consultation with a Paloma physician: $99 (15 or 30 minutes)
- Your medication: your copay (in case your Paloma physician decides to write a prescription)
- Consultation with a thyroid nutritionist: $75 (30 minutes)


Is Paloma Right For Me?

Hypothyroidism is a long-term commitment and we’re committed to you. Schedule a free, no-obligation phone consultation with one of our intake specialists to find out more.

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